Simple / Fresh / Delicious

Simple / Fresh / Delicious

We appreciate our customers, and it makes us happy when they appreciate us.

"Ms. Dean, I'm almost sorry to see you no longer reference yourself as "Peanut Butter Goddess". On the one hand, you have always risen above the mere mortal realm of legumes; but on the other, with your practiced and informed elevation of food artistry and enjoyment, if you are not yourself a deity in the kitchen you at the very least deify the earth's bounty. Heck -- everything I've ever had the pleasure to sample from your hearth has been a religious experience. Somehow even a cup of tea tastes better if the water was brought to boil in your kettle. Portland has a huge, foodie heart. I sure am happy our neighbors in the Northwest will get share that heart with your masterful palette of endless food wonders. New York City: officially jealous."

"No matter who I introduce to the Lavender Vanilla cookie the reaction is always the same: Silence as the flavor hits, then a big smile and "WOW!" Excellent with a cup of chai or other tea."

"You have not tasted awesome if you haven't tried this babka! Treat yourself to the ultimate and make slices into french toast! Definitely coming back for more of this!"

- R. Hall
"Superawesomeridiculouslydelicious! That's right- these brownies are so fantastic they required me to come up with a whole new adjective. Along with a fabulous product, comes stellar customer service. Jennifer was conscientious about dietary restrictions, and ran to the post office that day to get the order out in time for the weekend. Through a stroke of luck I ended up with both the dark chocolate and hazelnut (gluten free) brownies. I had intended to share with my sister and nephew, but couldn't wait to try the hazelnut ones, so I opened the package before they arrived. After the first bite, I went back to the package, pulled all the hazelnut out, and promptly hid them away so I wouldn't have to share. I always got gold stars in preschool for sharing... obviously I had not yet discovered these. I really can not say enough wonderful things about Jennifer, and the product she makes. <3!"
- Katie Hoagland
"The dark chocolate "areas" (just too big to be called chips, you know) in the Chocolate Chip Cookies are the last bites I take after enjoy all the delicious "cookie" portions. Girl has her priorities in order to reserve the best for last."

- Alli Du

"My friend and his husband felt like these cookies were invented with their highly selective tastes in mind.
As a potent rhizome, ginger can be an overpowering addition by some bakers. They were impressed by this baker's skill with her balance used in the orange ginger cookies. The lavender vanilla cookies were a big hit because the floral taste was incorporated into the batter with a perfectly balanced confidence. Ironically, this daring flavor is usually added by other bakers with a hesitant and, therefore, lackluster result. As for the cinnamon pecan cookies with smoked sea salt, the guys said it was "perfect, perfect" cookie. Sure, salty/sweet is all the rage...but you won't find the depth of flavor elsewhere that you find with these cookies! So, stop drooling on the keyboard and order some!"
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